Q: How to become an Exclusive Club member at ch.c?

A: Exclusive Club Membership Invitation criteria:
1. An existing member of ch.c for at least 3 years.
2. Have submitted a preorder form at the ch.c booth in DX06, and / or
have made online purchases via ch.c in 2006-2007, which consisted of at least 8 of the large weapon pieces.
3. Clear track record at ch.c (i.e. no ongoing reject orders or pending orders due to credit card / delivery difficulties, etc.)
4. Ch.c reserves the rights to accept, invite, reject and discontinue ch.c members to the Exclusive Club based on the track records at ch.c.
5. Ch.c reviews members in the Exclusive Club regularly based on track records.

- Those who still not receive the invitations email, but believe to meet the above requirements may email to shop@universal-models.com with full name, address, and registered email for review.

Q: What does "one production limited edition" mean?

A: Over the years we have received many requests from hobby fans about releasing special editions of hobby goods. These unique and rare products only support a limited production capacity, and therefore ch.c Exclusives usually only have one production run. In other words, the quantity is limited and they can only be purchased via ch.c.

Q: What is difference between "Green Box" and "White Box" Model Kits?

A: Cyber Hobby's White Box releases are variations of regular released items, with one production run, and made to order limited editions. Green Box items are Cyber Hobby's regular releases; these items utilize brand new tooling, and production quantities are catered towards the general consumer audience. Also, White Box can be purchased directly at www.cyber-hobby.com, whereas Green Box should be purchased via ch.c's recommended online shops.

Q: Which is the first Green Box release from ch.c?

A: Item 6263 (Pz. II) is the first Green Box marketed under the ch.c brand in the USA, but not ch.c’s first Green Box. ch.c’s first Green Box dated back in 2006, with the item 6221 first distributed to Japan under the ch.c brand. There exists now items 6221, 6298, 6256 , 6257 and 6361 as Green Box in Japan; and now item 6263 (Pz. II) marks the beginning of a new era of ch.c Model Kits in the US market.

Q: I live in the USA and would like to order Dragon Armor, Warbirds and Model Kits ch.c products. How should I place an order?

A: Starting in 2006, if you live in the USA, then you should purchase Model Kits, Dragon Armor and Warbirds ch.c products from www.dragonusaonline.com . They are the sole ch.c recommended online shop for ch.c products in North America.

Q: What about Action Figures? Where should I place my orders?

A: Please continue to order your Action Figures at www.cyber-hobby.com. Customers in Japan, please contact Platz Co. Ltd. at the web address www.platz-hobby.com or by email futagami@platz-hobby.com.

Q: I live in Japan, where do I order Green Box and White Box ch.c Model kits?

A: For White Box Model Kits, please continue to order at www.cyber-hobby.com. For Green Box Kits, starting in 2007, please contact Platz Co. Ltd. at the web address www.platz-hobby.com or by email futagami@platz-hobby.com.

Q: I'm concerned about submitting my credit card via the Internet.

A: The ch.c online system is protected with SSL by GeoTrust

Q: Will I get an e-mail with my order details after I've placed the order online?

A: Yes you do, provided that you registered with a valid e-mail address. Please read through the order confirmation e-mail carefully. Also, we advise you to retain a copy for future reference.

Q: I am currently in Japan and would like to be charged in Yen instead of HKD. Is this possible?

A: Certainly. Our JCB payment gateway supports e-transactions in Yen, while our VISA / Master Card payment gateway is charged in HKD.

Should you have any further inquiries about our products and services, please feel free to e-mail our customer service representatives at services@universal-models.com

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