Beware of Imitation

Image extracted from : Armor Modelling (May 2007 Vol. 91)

Over the years, Dragon has remained ahead of the curve in terms of design innovation. Utilizing Dragon's experience and expertise, Cyber Hobby also brings to you the same high quality standards in their model kits upgrade packages. However, it has come to our attention that recently there are imitations of model kits upgrade packages in the market. Please allow us to provide you with guidelines on how to distinguish original ch.c products from imitated ones:


1. Look for the original logo on the upgrade packages.

2. "Official Genuine Parts" is also imprinted on each original ch.c upgrade packages.

3. When in doubt, you may visit or email to us at; our customer services representative will gladly assist you.

Remember, you are getting 1st-class quality products, services, and designs, only if it is an original cyber-hobby product!

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