The Dragon Formula


Dragon Model's formulated cast resin is a special type of material that was developed by our engineers for a new line of high quality products. This material is different in composition from the usual "polystone" material.

In the past few weeks there have been rumors circulating on the Internet concerning Cyber-Hobby products, in particular products with the Dragon formulated cast resin. As an experienced modeling company with an engineering team that has received awards and accolades for its work in various scales, Dragon Models Limited has an obligation to uphold its reputation of developing quality products. Our engineers personally developed this new formulated cast resin with an understanding of its strengths and weaknesses in different applications. During their research and development of this material, our engineers tested the composition in a variety of conditions including extreme heat and concluded that the material will not bend or warp under normal conditions once the resin is set. However, we take the quality of our products very seriously, so we sent Cyber-Hobby's Infantry Cart wheels to a third-party Lab Facility that specializes in evaluating retail products to confirm. The test results are as follows:

Test Results

Date: Oct 13 2006

Done by: The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd. ( )

Test report:

Aging Test
1. Three separate wheels were kept at a temperature of 158 F (Sample No.1), 176 F (Sample No.2), and 194 F (Sample No.3) with 75% relative humidity for 3 hours.
2. After the aging test, a torque force was applied until the wheel deformed, and the amount of force it took was recorded.
3. The deformed wheels were kept at room temperature (68 F) for 3 hours to observe if the wheels can return to its original shape or not.
4. We kept sample No.2 at room temperature (68 F) for an additional 20 hours, applied a torque force (10 lbs/inch) in the anti-direction to observe if the wheel would "un-deform".


TemperatureTorque Force Required to DeformResults after letting sit for 3 hoursResults after letting sit for additional 20 hours at 68F and 10 lbs/in torque applied
Sample No. 1 (158 F) No deform (13 lbs/in)N/AN/A
Sample No. 2 (176 F)10 lbs/inCannot return to original shapeNo change in shape of wheel
Sample No. 3 (194 F)9.5 lbs/inCannot return to original shapeN/A


Dragon's formulated cast resin material must be exposed to a temperature exceeding 176 F with 10 lbs per inch force to change shape of the ch.c Infantry Cart wheel. Sample No. 2 test also concludes the wheel cannot be "un-deformed" or straightened at room temperature (68 F) with 10 lbs per inch force applied in the opposite direction. Thus, it can be concluded that under normal conditions, it is not possible for this material to be deformed and that it would take extreme heat and a powerful force in order to twist the material as it was claimed on the internet.

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