Use of Materials

Regarding Cyber-Hobby's use of materials, products and customer service

The Use of Multi-Materials
Over the years, Dragon has remained ahead of the curve in terms of design innovation, using the most suitable production material possible to achieve the highest level of realism and detail. Utilizing Dragon's experience and expertise, Cyber Hobby also looks to bring you the same high quality standards with their multi-material large weapon pieces. Just what kind "materials" are included in this concept? Allow us to provide you with a better understanding of how utilizing "multi-materials" can achieve the highest amount of realism and detail possible:

  • Dragon's special formula of cast resin: This material is found all around us in our everyday lives. However, with Dragon's unique formula of cast resin, we are able to accurately recreate the complex parts of these large weapon pieces, with the resin all the while possessing required rigidity. One of the main characteristics of Dragon's special formula of cast resin is that it will not deform easily, meaning this material is perfect for displaying at room temperature. Unless excessive heat (over 70C) or excessive force is applied to the material, Dragon's special formula of cast resin will remain rigid under normal circumstances.
  • Reinforced metal frame: There are parts of these large weapon pieces that require extra strength. To reinforce these parts, we add metal frames inside the cast resin parts. The advantage of this extra step is obvious: on the outside, the details of the parts remain visible, yet the inside is strengthened by metal.
  • ┬áMilled metal: This is the perfect choice for components such as barrels.
  • Injection plastic: This is an ideal choice of material for fine and delicate components. However, it does have a tendency to warp if the parts are too thick or large. So in 1:6 scale products, we use injection plastic with care.

Our professional engineers have years of experience in the use of these different materials, as well as with the latest computer-aided engineering applications. You can therefore be assured that our products will take full advantage of the characteristics of these different materials to optimize the best results in the design of our products.

Our Products
With years of experience in producing high-quality model kits and display models, cyber-hobby's line of multi-material 1:6 weapon pieces is designed with accuracy, precision and detail in mind, they are ideal for your collection or displayed dioramas. While their design is robust, these large-scale weapons are intended for 1:6 connoisseurs, and they should definitely not be treated as children's toys.

Our Dedication to Customer Service
Cyber-hobby is committed to customer satisfaction with a global return & exchange guarantee. This guarantee is part of the cyber-hobby customer service program, one of the key components of the after-sales service @ cyber-hobby, and it is available on all products purchased via the cyber-hobby e-shopping system.

In the past few weeks there have been rumors circulating on the Internet concerning cyber-hobby products, but after careful investigation of all our current customer service cases, it turned out there was only a single legitimate case concerning the Infantry Cart, and a solitary case concerning the 2.8cm sPzB41. In both cases, we have followed our normal procedures by offering a full exchange of the product at no additional cost to the customer.

Should you have any further inquiries about our products and services, please feel free to e-mail our customer service representatives at

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