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Ace Profiles- The Men and their Aircraft No.2: Max-Hellmuth Ostermann ZG1.JG21. JG54
By Christer Bergstrom with Profiles by Claes Sundin
Published by AirPower Editions

The distance to the Spitfire diminished to 100 metres- by which time the wings of the Spitfire covered the circle in his gunfight- and Ostermann was still holding his fire. In the next second, the Spitfire opened fire and the Bf 109 in front dived away. This was the moment Ostermann had been waiting for. He passed both firing buttons and immediately scored a series of direct hits. The Spitfire burst into flames and descended vertically, leaving a grey plume of smoke. A moment later a sudden white eruption of spray in the sea below indicated the point where the Spitfire went in…
From a young, inexperienced, nnvice pilot who struggled to master the twin-engined Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstorer in early 1940 to a fearsome exponent of the Bf 109 over the English Channel, Yugoslavia and Russian Front, Max-Hallmuth Ostermann’s war ended in August 1942 with 102 confirmed aerial victories to his credit- the majority of them against the Soviet Air Force.
Whilst to date, the diminutive Ostermann has not been regarded by English languages historians as one of the most renowned of the Luftwaffe Experten, he was nevertheless decorated with the Knight’s Cross with the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves and Swords- the tenth officer in the German armed forces to receive the award for his’ repeatedly proven herosim’. Ostermann frequently scored two victories in one day and his final operations saw him in command of a Staffel of JG54, the famous Grunnerzgeschwader.
Acclaimed aviation historian Christer Bergstom has drawn upon detailed records to produce this in-depth and graphic account of the wartime experiences of one the Luftwaffe’s unsung Jagdflieger. The text is enhanced by rare photographs as well as highly detailed colour artwork by leading aviation artist, Claes Sundin.
When Strebenk saw the German four-aircraft Schwarm disperse and the enemy pilots came breaking into him, he banked to the left to evade the attack. But that did not help him against a skilful pilot like Max-Hellmuth Ostermann. The German pilot opened the throttle wide and was soon in position, 180 metres behind Strebenk’s Bf 109. When Karlo Strebank tried to evade through a descending left turn, Ostermann’s cannon shells ripped through the fuselage and wings of his Bf 109 in a perfect deflection shot. The Yugoslavian Messerschmitt turned over and fell vertically toward the earth until it exploded in a field below. Karl Strebenk had no chance of surviving.

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