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Item No. BSC0711025045
Boeing 777
By Bruce Campion-Smith

The latest jet airliner to emerge from Boeing is the 777. This new-generation civil airliner, designed by computers and built using radical new technology, is a jet unlike any other. It is guided by a computerized fly-by-wire control system and can carry up to 400 passengers- not far short of the four-engined Boeing 747- with only two engines.
Developed from the late 1980s onwards the aircraft was formally launched in October 1990. The 777 programme saw the first aircraft flown in 1994 and commercial services inaugurated in 1995, becoming the first jet approved to fly long, trans-oceanic routes from its first day in service. For Boeing, the 777 is perhaps the most important airliner development since the 747, particularly with the increased competition that the Airbus A330/A340 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 offered.
In abc Boeing 777 Bruce Campion-Smith examines the development, construction, evaluation and operation of the Boeing 777. Fully illustrated, including a colour section, the book is an excellent guide to the introduction into service of one of the most significant aircraft developed over the past decade. It lists the specifications of the new aircraft as well as all the operational 777s.
For all aviation enthusiasts, abc Boeing 777 is an essential and comprehensive guide to the latest civil airliner to emerge from Boeing. It will be eagerly sought after by all those wanting to keep abreast of modern development in civil aviation.


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