DR60458 - 1/72"10.5cm StuH.42 Ausf.G 8.Kavallerie-Division Eas.


Item No. DR60458 - 1/72 10.5cm StuH.42 Ausf.G 8.Kavallerie-Division Eastern Front 1944

The StuH.42 featured an electrically fired 10.5cm leFH 18 howitzer fitted in the superstructure instead of the more usual anti-tank cannon. A total of 1,211 StuH.42 vehicles were produced from October 1942 till the end of the war. These vehicles were issued to Sturmgesch眉tz brigades to support regular StuG.IIIs. One unit to operate the StuH.42 on the Eastern Front was the 8.Kavallerie-Division. It fought on the Eastern Front before being eventually destroyed in Budapest in 1945. One vehicle from this unit fighting in the winter of 1944 has been superbly recreated in miniature by Dragon Armor. It wears a neat coat of whitewash over its sand-colored basecoat. The only visible tactical markings are Balkankreuz on the superstructure sides. The 1/72 scale model has been masterfully finished, and the StuH.42 Ausf.G self-propelled howitzer will blend in well with a snowy environment鈥r alternatively stand out in a model collection!


  • 型号: DR60458
  • 厂商: Dragon


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