7130 - 1/700 U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 1969


Item: 7130 - 1/700 U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 1969

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USS Enterprise is distinguished by being the world?s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Commissioned into the US Navy (USN) in 1961, CVN-65 was the longest naval vessel in the world at 342m. Until succeeding Nimitz-class carriers were introduced, it was the heaviest carrier in the world too at 94,781 tons. Actually, Enterprise was supposed to be the first of a new class of six carriers, but cost overruns meant she was the only vessel built. It remains in service and is scheduled for decommissioning in 2014/2015, meaning ?Big E? will have served continuously for 51 years! In 1965, USS Enterprise was transferred to the Pacific Seventh Fleet and she became the first nuclear-powered vessel to enter combat when her aircraft flew against the Vietcong. In January 1969, an ammunition fire and explosion killed 27 sailors and the ship was sent to Pearl Harbor for repairs. It was intended the carrier return to Vietnam, but the North Korean shooting-down of an American aircraft over the East Japan Sea on 14 April 1969 induced the US to dispatch a task force named TF 71to nearby waters. USS Enterprise was at the center of TF 71, and it became one of the largest shows of force since the Korean War had ended in 1953.

Cyber-Hobby has created a magnificent 1/700 scale plastic kit of ?Big E? as she would have appeared in this 1969 timeframe. The kit stems from all new molds, including widespread use of slide molds to make the modeler?s life that bit easier! The slide-molded island, for example, contributes to easy assembly. Details on the sides of the hull are beautifully replicated, and modelers can choose to produce a waterline hull or full hull. A comprehensive selection of photo-etched parts is available to add fine detail. On the flight deck there are many useful features as well. The elevators and jet blast deflectors are carefully reproduced, while there are newly tooled F-4 Phantom, A-6, A-7, E-2C, UH-2 and even vehicles. This was the world?s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and this fantastic kit from Cyber-Hobby will produce a powerful chain reaction from ship modelers around the world! Cyber-Hobby produced the nuclear-powered USS Long Beach (CGN-9) earlier, so now the two kits would make a perfect match!

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