BSC0760315949 - Weapons of the Waffen SS


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Weapons of the Waffen SS
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By David Fleming

The Waffen (or armed) SS was initially solely for the protection of Adolf Hitler. Once war had been declared the force developed into one of the most effective armored spearheads available to the Wehrmacht. This first-class fighting force gained a spectacular series of victories in France, the Balkans, and above all the Soviet Union. It was in the epic struggle against the Red Army that the Waffen SS confirmed its reputation as one of the World War II's most effective combat formation. This book examines the weapons and equipment of the Waffen SS and describes haw they contributed to their spectacular success on the battlefield. Weapons of the Waffen SS begins with a concise historical account of the Nazi's most notorious fighting unit. Subsequent chapters then examine the superb hardware used by the Waffen SS. The book contains detailed information about small arms, support weapons, artillery tanks, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns, assault guns, tank destroyers, support vehicles, and uniforms.


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